Dear Karla, 
Thank you for organising such a wonderful event. It far exceeded my expectations. To be honest I only went because my friends were. I assumed I would know most of what was being discussed about a ‘green life' as I not only grew up on a biodynamic farm, but have a background in both naturopathy and environmental science. I was so pleasantly surprised when I realised that the depth of discussion and quality of presenters was such that I actually still learnt a lot of new things.

You also attracted some truly lovely beings to the event. Everyone I started a conversation with was delightful and I left feeling inspired.   - Jacqui

I would like to congratulate Karla and the small team she assembled around her for a stimulating and informative Conference. I am an electrically sensitive person and went along to learn more about power wiring as that is the metric I am struggling with most at the moment as I have found a rental home in a low radio frequency ambient environment. And I would like to say a big thank you for finding a location appropriate for electrically sensitive people - it was so nice to be in a group of people and not feeling hammered by Wi-Fi or transmissions from a large transmitter in the vicinity. 


I also really enjoyed Dr Mark Donoghue's lecture - and much of what he said accords with my experience of electrohypersenstivitiy/ chronic fatigue syndrome; I sit squarely in the group at increased risk of toxic load according to his many year's of experience. 


Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU


My friend and I attended the conference. It was great being part of a group that genuinely wanted to share unbiased information for the benefit of the whole community. It was great that it did not feel commercialized, but human and caring. And the amount of information provided was way above our expectation. Looking forward to the next one as we both would like to attend again..... and if enough notice is given, some other friends could join.   Great job!  Teresa K

Thanks for hosting a really thought provoking event. I certainly learned a LOT of things and it got my brain ticking things over which is always a nice thing. It was also lovely to spend the day at Tocal. It always inspires me to think differently about how I can use materials. 


I would love to see this concept happen again - the speakers were very interesting and I gained a new insight into areas of the world that I didn't know existed or how they worked. 

I am focusing my work on sustainable residential design and I would love to host a workshop if there is a possibility that this event might run again. Dick's workshop was fascinating and I think everyone in attendance got something out of it. I am of the belief that the more practical (and good!) information we can get to people the more likely they will make better choices that affect all of us. I am passionate about educating and inspiring people to care about their world and make changes where they can.  Natalie, VDM Design

Thank you for having us! Not only did we teach, we learnt and that was the greatest gift of the weekend! Beatrice  Hemp Gallery Australia

It was amazing to meet so many dedicated and knowledgeable people. Let’s keep the conversation alive, folks! Joachim Herrmann Buildingbiology Australia 

Thanks so much Karla for the opportunity to share what I know of RF transmitting devices so as to help those who came to make informed choices about how much, when and whether to use it, and how to avoid it. The event was wonderfully organised and it was such a pleasure meeting and talking with others. I particularly appreciated learning many things from the other speakers - excellent. Dr Mary Redmayne ​Redmayne Reports 

Thank you for having us!!! What an amazing event and connecting with so many passionate people. Truly Inspiring! Thank you also for having me display my products and supporting my new fashion venture bringing awareness to hemp and native plants and edible weeds. Lenore ​Shar-la Designs 

Well done SpaceClinic for organising such a well received conference. It was an honour to be involved in spreading the word through social media & mainstream media. Would love to work with you again for next year's Healthy Buildings Conference ​Maxedout Social Media Solutions - are you visible online? Gillian Maxlow

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