October 31, 2017

The Smart Meter Roll out in NSW - Presentation @ A Green Life or a Green Lie Conference

by Janobai Smith Advocacy and Policy Advisor Stop Smart Meters Australia Inc.

What you need to know before December 2017.


The smart meter rollout in Victoria was fraught with controversy and issues.   We are so lucky in NSW  that smart meters are not compulsory.  We want people to act ASAP, the fact that the new rule change comes in 1 December doesn't mean you suddenly lose your right to refuse a type 4 meter (radiating meter) but its better to do it now or you might forget.


BUT you need to do it before a maintenance replacement happens (and who knows when that might be ....could be years ...but they won't get any notice other than a warning that the power is going off!).  This is why a written request that is sent with registered post (get a signature - one company "lost" the letter even though it was registered.  

Janobai provides the easy how to's for "opt out", and clears up the confusion on the various names and functionality of electrical reading meters.   

For clarity:

A 4a is a non radiating meter.  The good one.  But you will have to monitor it for upgrades and ensure that they don't fit it with a card in an upgrade.  Your letter to the provider and ombudsman plus a sign will be important to erect on your meter box.

A 4 meter is a radiating meter.  You may be able to have the card removed from this type of meter.  You will have to ask your provider.

NOTE:  There is a lot of misinformation out there.  Many of the providers employees will not know about the change of rule or that there are indeed health implications associated with a radiating meter.  Do not let them bamboozle you.

Are you a new build?

New builds are mentioned in the narration on slide 12 of the presentation below. From SSMA: However, there is no need to do anything in advance as people will be able to request (Insist on!) a type 4a meter at the time that they are doing a new build.

FYI look at the photos below to see what they can look like.  Australian meters are usually square or rectangle shaped.  I didn't have a pic that would fit!


Link to presentation.

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Dear Neighbours intro letter

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