October 15, 2017

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Why you need to come to A Green Life or a Green Lie Conference

October 23, 2017


The Bio-Science of Creating Healthy Spaces

unpacking the biological impact of our built environment & navigating the way forward



A sick environment equals a sick community.  The *WHO states that 75% of disease is caused by our environment.   We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors.



What if I told you your house and your workplace is most likely full of environmental toxins that you can’t, see, hear or smell?

Some of us spray and wipe them on our skin, hold them in our hands and sleep with them.  Some we put in our pockets, paint on our walls, put them on our heads and hand over to our children to play with – on a daily basis.  We hold them dear to our hearts because we know no better!


A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), Preventing Disease through Modifiable Environmental Factors, discovered that 23 per cent of worldwide deaths are due to modifiable environmental factors.  That’s stuff we can change!


We should ask why is there so much general malaise?  If we are doing all the right things why don’t we feel great? 


The explosion in Autism, Alzheimer’s and Cancer rates give us clues that need further investigation. Many parents of children on the spectrum are aware that lighting and EMR can impact their children.  In fact, Pre-birth exposure to EMR (mobiles, WiFi, poor wiring etc) has actually been highlighted as a potential cause of Autism.


90% of Australians are unaware that brain cancer kills more children than any other disease. It is critical we ask why for the sake of our future generations.


It is clear many homes are not sanctuaries at all but rather illness incubators! A Green Life or a Green Lie Conference offers a panel  of environmental health expertise to nut out the issues and opportunities to ask burning questions get guidance and take away expert guidance and tips.Our house should be a place where body and mind can regenerate, free from environmental stress.



Why a Green Life or a Green Lie Conference?


At the heart of the A Green Life or a Green Lie conference is highlighting the relationship between the built environment and health, presenting the clinical and scientific facts and offering absolute leading edge solutions you will not find anywhere else. (Find bookings here)


In light of the fact environmental disease accounts for a considerable portion of global disease and the increase of evidence on quantitative links between health and the environment, the conference will function as a public think tank to examine what has changed in our homes, what new habits we have and how much time we spend indoors.  (Book now!) 




Learn about wiring design for a healthy home, hear about lightbulbs can be wired to transmit a signal that connects to the internet (Li-Fi as opposed to Wi-Fi) with Dr Craig Watkins, Telecommunications Expert.  This is technology that hasn’t been released yet!


World renowned scientist and expert in EMR and children’s health, Dr Mary Redmayne tackles how safe radiation emissions are day to day and emerging health problems from screen use by the very young, plus important tips for technology use to encourage optimum fertility and baby health for mums and dads to be. Vital information for parents to be and those struggling with digital natives and “screenagers” at home.


Mary will give an expert talk in the morning, and then you can choose to attend both of her 2 workshops, Parenting in the digital age and when to stop keeping gadgets near your body & why and 5 to Teens parenting in the digital age.  Mary is also part of our expert panel and offering a Q&A session after the film Generation Zapped on Sunday at 10.30am. (Book now here!)


We have hands on workshops with leaders in building science – known as building biology, integrative health expertise. We are excited to have Dick Clarke, Australia’s foremost expert in sustainable building and design highlighting Hemp design detailing and construction for high performance in an interactive session on butcher's paper! 
Bring your design to workshop. (Book now!)

Source: Balanced Earth Building 


We have a hemp building wall demonstration with experienced hemp builder James Isaacs of Belubula Hemp Homes.


You will take away building biology tools, resources and contacts to mitigate and manage issues in your own homes.   You will learn to dowse, identify EMR in your office or home, and be guided to trustworthy tools you need to measure and manage this. (Book now!)


We will expose the practice of green washing, false eco and smart labelling, our world leading experts will give you the scientific and clinical facts, and offer cutting edge solutions you will not find anywhere else. (Bookings here!)


This gathering is the first of its kind, bringing together groups that wouldn’t generally cross paths although they have a common goal. We hope to bring awareness to their work and encourage attendance from those who can take the message it out into the community such as builders, designers, architects, health practitioners, representative groups, health and earth conscious people.


Where else will you get all this expertise in one room?  It’s an incredible line up of niche environmental health, science, building and sustainable agricultural expertise.


Why this line up?


The people chosen are champions/ experts of their various fields and they recognise the link between environment and health. All are passionate and authentic advocators for their areas of sustainable efficient products & tech, science and health. Some are world leaders, some are emerging leaders. Some have amazing leading edge solutions to share that you may not have heard of yet, such as LiFi or building with Hemcrete.  Or opportunities such as hemp farming and industry.  


The full list of speakers:


Dick Clarke, Director of Sustainability, Building Designers Australia

Dr Marie Therese Gibson, former Principal of Tangara School for Girls who had to resign due to health issues associated with Wi-Fi installation at the school.

Joachim Hermann, Building Biologist, Buildingbiology Services

Dr Mark Donohoe, Mosman Integrative Medicine

Dr Mary Redmayne, Ph D Environmental Studies, Adjunct Research Fellow, Victoria University of Wellington and Monash University

Dr Craig Watkins, Telecommunications Engineer, Informative Technology Innovations Pty Ltd

Janobai Smith, Advocacy and Policy Advisor, Stop Smart Meters Australia Inc.

James Isaacs, Belubula Homes

Oram Miller BBEC, EMRS, Director of Learning and Development, International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology (IBE)

Bob Doyle, Dungog Hemp Farmer



Why these ‘hero’ products?  


They help change the focus from servicing self via consumables, to mindfulness around that are efficient, sustainable and support the environment and health.


Hemp – longevity sustainable, multipurpose product with a light footprint. Biologically sound.

Fibre optic– longevity sustainable and secure fast internet. Biologically sound.

Localsafe – natural organic weed killer – more efficient than Roundup. Biologically sound.

Boomerang Bags – community made bags from recycled goods left at supermarkets for people to use and boomerang back. - Biologically sound – reducing plastic bringing community together


What outcome do you want to achieve?


I hope to raise awareness in our community on current health issues and offer them workable sustainable solutions that work in harmony with our environment. To highlight the biggest issues impacting health today and the causes. To give clinical and scientific facts on the spot to support the need for change and no brainer solutions eg hemp, Fibre, EMR.


It’s crucial that the NSW public know about the opportunity to opt out of the NSW roll out of smart meters.  If you don’t follow a certain procedure before December 2017 you will be stuck with a smart meter.  They have been fraught with issues, health and otherwise, in Victoria and other places around the world where they have been rolled out.


Overall, we hope a Green Life or a Green Lie will be the springboard for alliances between these fields of expertise who could work toward a holistic, sustainable health and environment paradigm.


We hope it will raise awareness of some niche health professions that could very well identify hidden and overlooked causes of ill health thus creating a safe sanctuary and wellness by design.  


Make sure you don’t miss out on this first of its kind conference.   Get your tickets today!  (Book now!)


*World Health Organisation




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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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