October 15, 2017

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Got a Big But? Bring it to A Green Life or A Green Lie Conference to our expert panel

October 16, 2017

Some time ago, I created a Power Point presentation to collate the "buts"  that often arose in conversations with people on wireless technology health concerns. I called it "Admit it, you've got big buts!"  


Now, as the story goes, I didn’t intend to share the presentation.  I was amusing myself and my husband and letting off steam during a stressful period.  Yes, yes… it’s obvious and infantile and leaning very heavily on double entendre but it was exactly what was needed at that time.


 A group of women I know, got quite excited about my presentation for a different reason, referring to the “WiFi butt” which they believe is a “buttock widening” phenomenon linked to an over exposure to WiFi noted in their own nether regions and observed in other women they know who use wireless tech daily. But I digress, and I have no scientific evidence to offer on this particular phenomena. ;-)


There are so many buts for me in relation to children and wireless tech use.  It is disturbing to note the lack of urgency in implementing precaution on wireless technology in schools, the wilful blindness of many authorities who could have made different decisions, the pushing of disruptive digital education on our children and teachers and Australia's resultant disastrous OECD PISA results plus the rampant marketing of wireless devices to children.  (Which, have never been safety tested.). As an attendee of A Green Life or A Green Lie Conference you will hear a first hand account from a Principal of a Sydney private girls school whose health was impacted by the installation of a WiFi system in the school.  There are many stories like this in our wider community and within the education system.


Solving the wireless technology and infrastructure issue is a big one.  Most of us have a mobile phone. However what we aren't learning is how to use them smartly and safely.  We pay no attention the safety warnings that come with them.  In some cases, the solutions are very simple and easy to implement.


Telecommunications Expert, Dr Craig Watkins  will address the conference on reduced emissions connectivity and introduce us to the new technology LiFi and why it's an option for containment and reduced emissions.  Dr Watkins is a fan of fibre optic connectivity over NBN Wireless and will talk to that.  Fibre optic is faster, safer and more secure from hacking.  Some rural communities have clubbed together and raised funding to connect their communities to fibre and have gained efficiency, security and healthier broadband connectivity over the inefficiencies of NBN wireless.  


Our Building Biologists, Joachim and Oram will show you how to identify fields, how to use a meter, give advise on healthy levels of EMR, magnetic, electrical, radiation and dirty electricity.  They will also help you identify other toxins in your home to help reduce toxicity load and offer choices in authentic retailers and products.


Little incremental changes make the world of difference, while we wait and see and avoid the inconvenience of taking precautions, our children, and us, their carers, are accumulating more & more radiation and other toxic exposures.  


EMR is not a lone fiend, we have to consider the barrel effect of collective toxicity and other environmental stressors such as chemicals, VOCs, air quality, lifestyle, food.  The Green Life or Green Lie Conference will offer many new and proven solutions for building and design and advice on technology and product choices for our homes and workplaces that are safer, healthier thus authentically green. 


Maintaining vitality and wellbeing instead of making do with coping day to day is the goal.  We need to examine our built environment/building biology at work and home and our habits where health issues are unresolved in a particular place, are of a cluster nature, or come on during the week and disappear over a weekend or when on holidays.


The Green Life or Green Lie Conference, is a temporary “centre of excellence”, arming you with expert knowledge to create a clean, safe haven whilst identifying the existing hidden toxins that might be overloading your “toxicity barrel”.  It is a rare opportunity to access all this expertise in one place!   To privately engage some of these experts that would individually  cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to consult.  


I enthusiastically and warmly encourage you to attend this one of a kind conference -  A Green Life or Green Lie Conference on 28th October 2017.


Warm regards






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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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